In order to secure a Woodhaven facility for the date and time of your event, we require a refundable deposit in the amount of $500. This will reserve your event date on our calendar.  A contract must also be signed by you, the event coordinator, and Woodhaven management.

Guaranteed Attendance
An approximate guest count is required at the time the event is booked. Confirmation of the number of guests attending must be made no later than fourteen days prior to the scheduled event and Woodhaven will consider this reservation count as your “guarantee.” All charges will be based on your guaranteed guest count. If you have more guests attend, than what was guaranteed by you, you will be charged for the overage.

Final Payment
Full payment of the estimated charges that include the Minimum Expenditure, any additional charges, plus the amounts we estimate you will incur for service charges, sales tax and bar charges for hosted bars, is due thirty (30) days before the actual event. Payment may be made by cash, cashiers check or credit card.

Tax and Service Charge
All food and beverage prices are subject to a Club Service Charge of 18% for members and 22% for non-members. You are responsible for the payment of all state sales tax incurred in connection with your event. If you are tax exempt a tax exempt certificate will need to be provided for our files.

Food and Beverage Service and Consumption
We will provide all food and beverages for your event by our in house catering department. You agree that you, or your guests, will not bring any food or beverages onto our property without our prior written consent. We reserve the right to confiscate food or beverages that are brought onto our property without our consent. Food or beverages must be consumed during the times specified for your event, and may not be removed from our property. To go containers will not be provided or allowed for food not consumed during your event.

Woodhaven does not assume responsibility for any damage or loss of property or merchandise left in the club prior to, during or following a private event. Security Guards are provided for you at a rate of $45 per officer per hour.

You are Responsible for your Guest’s Conduct
We ask that you and your guests observe the beginning and ending time for your event. Our property is used by our members and other guests, and for formal events such as your event. We reserve the right to remove anyone from our property who engages in disruptive, violent, profane, intoxicated or abusive behavior. As host of your event, you agree that you assume full responsibility for the conduct of your guests and for any damages, costs or liabilities that result from you or your guests’ conduct. We reserve the right to refuse to serve alcoholic beverages to anyone who we, in our sole discretion, determine is intoxicated, impaired or under the age of twenty-one.

Setup and Preparation
You will have access to the banquet facility two hours prior to your event unless otherwise arranged with Director of Banquets and Events provided you understand the room may or may not be completely set up. We ask that you refrain from using glitter or confetti.