Woodhaven Hole-in-One Club Rules and Regulations


Open to all golf members of WCC. There is no charge to join, but the member must declare the free membership at least one full day before the occurrence of a hole in one.


They, the Hole-in-One Club member, must be involved in at least a nine hole round; a few practice holes do not qualify. They must be playing with at least one witness. If they are playing a format that allows a second shot, mulligan, they must make the ace on the first ball. A practice round of at least nine hole would qualify if made on the first ball. They must be playing from tees that are designated for their gender or age i.e. males under 80 will not qualify from the forward tees.


They will receive credit for the amount generated by the billing of all the members of the Hole-in-One Club. The amount per member is fixed at $5.00. The proceeds will be applied to the credit account on the first day of the second month after the achievement. This is to allow most of the funds to have been from the members. The cost of “celebration” beverages for their group will be defrayed by credit granted in advance, and deducted from the total amount that id later applied. Beverages are certainly at the discretion of the Hole-in-One Club member. the credit awarded to the member can be used in the Pro Shop for merchandise or a cart rental, and/or for food and beverage charges.


As stated, when the Ace occurs, the other members of the club will be billed $5.00 on the 26th on the month, Hopefully. some of the member will be among those helping the lucky person celebrate.