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At Woodhaven Country Club, we are proud to offer a variety of membership options to oblige most leisure pursuits and fancies of our esteemed members and their guests.  Indeed, we have something for everyone. For more information regarding any of our membership options outlined below, please contact (817) 457 5150 Ext-112.

Woodhaven Premium Membership

The Premium membership allows an individual or family unlimited use of the facilities at Woodhaven Country Club along with access to the clubhouse and practice facilities.  Unlimited daily golf and cart rentals (single or with spouse) are included in your membership.  Also includes unlimited tennis, pool access dining events and facilities.  (For new members only, for a maximum of one year)

Full Golf Membership





The Full Golf membership includes unlimited daily golf, tennis, pool access, dining events, and facilities

Limited Golf Membership




The Limited membership includes unlimited golf Monday thru Thursday if available, as well as unlimited golf on Saturdays and Sundays after 1:00 pm. This membership also includes unlimited tennis, pool access dining events and facilities.

Social Membership

Woodhaven Country Club Fort Worth, Texas

Social membership is perfect for unlimited tennis, pool access, dining events, and facilities. This membership does include half-price golf green fee plus cart rental for once a month.




Corporate Membership

Full- Minimum of 3 members. Unlimited golf daily, tennis, pool and dining

Limited- Minimum of 3 members. Weekday unlimited golf, unlimited tennis, pool and dining

Summer Membership Program

Full Summer Golf






Summer Social

For more information, please call us at 817-457-5150 or email us at Info@WoodhavenClub.Com